Mat Pilates for Tweens

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Childhood health is increasingly being impacted by our culture of convenience and sedentary activity. Eating fast food, long hours studying, watching TV and time on the computer have resulted in ever-increasing numbers of children        developing issues or conditions related to weight, posture,   injuries, motor coordination, or musculoskeletal development.\

Upbeat and fun, every class helps lay the groundwork for a strong core, toned muscles, great posture, balance control, strength and flexibility and set them up for a lifetime of good health.

Whether your child is involved in competitive sports, gymnastics, dance or video games, the benefits of Pilates for kids and teens is proven to build core strength, flexibility, and mind body awareness, not to mention enhancing their confidence and presence in everyday life! 


Register Now!!

New 6 week session starting Monday Oct 20th, @ 4pm

Ages 9-13


Questions? Email Beth Fielder at



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